1. General
    1. Important note – Rapid Farm Inc. (“Rapid Farm”) is not buying the actual products, checking or authorizing the marketing or the use of the products, but rather, providing an online platform for farmers to connect to consumers.
    2. Farm as a service provider agrees to pay the farms offering their products on the site (“the farm”) for the product on the behalf of the consumer (“customer”).
    3. Farms are solely responsible for the quality and the safety of the products.
    4. Farms are solely responsible for the content of the images, and the description of the products they offers to sale on the site.
  2. Safe Delivery Condition
    1. It is the customer responsibility to retrieve the order in a timely fashion after order has taken place, and transfer the food to proper long-term storage. Rapid.Farm is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, for food quality degradation, nor food safety risks due to prolonged delays in retrieval after delivery has taken place to the customer location specified as delivery address.
    2. If the address the customer specified for delivery is a home or business, the customer should retrieve the order promptly and place it into appropriate storage. If the address you specified for delivery is a community pickup location, sometimes referred to as a “Market Host,” the product is the customer responsibility immediately upon delivery.
    3. The farm selling the products is fully responsible for the safety of the devilry and products. The shipping farm are expected to use necessary means, including but not limited to insulated packaging, cold packs (“ice packs”), pre-chilled containers, and packing temperature-compatible items in the same tote, to ensure the products arrive at the address that the customer specified at safe temperatures.
  3. Sales Tax
    1. Most products sold items on Rapid Farm site are exempt from local sales tax. However, the selling farm may assess appropriate sales tax(es) on the customer order, or particular items in the customer order
  4. Personal Use
    1. Products sold on Rapid Farm’s site (freshandlocal.farm) are intended for direct-to-consumer use. No warranty is made about the qualification of products for wholesale or food-service use.
  5. Refunds policy
    1. Rapid Farm will do as much as it can to ensure that you receive a good service and products, including choosing only certified farm and producers. Furthermore, the farms will not receive the payment until after the actual products have been supplied.
    2. In the event of non-delivery of the products to the requested date and shipping point, the customer will be eligible for a full refund by Rapid Farm.
    3. In the event of a lack of customer satisfaction from the product after it is received by the customer, the customer is advised contact directly to the farm that provided the product and update Rapid Farm (support@rapid.farm)
    4. Rapid Farm may intervene and reserves the right in accordance with the circumstances and in special cases to offer a refund